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Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

Happy System Administrator's Day to ME!

Happy System Administrator's Day to ME!

Happy System Admin-is-tra-tor's Daaay Dear Mikey...

Happy System Administrator's Day to ME!

Well, no one else was going to say anything... :)

Okay, really now. All kidding aside. Does EVERYONE need some sort of special day? Good gracious, I'm a system administrator and I think it's just crazy. Although ... if you feel like buying me anything from the suggested Gift List, who am I to turn it down?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Will That Be To Go?

Of course it will! After another all nighter, the second episode of ESC! Magazine's Coffee House To Go was "in the can" very early this morning or very late last night depending on how you want to look at it.

It's available through a number of outlets including and Apple's iTunes so if you haven't set your favorite podcatching client to subscribe to it, point it to and let the software alert you whenever an new episode is released!

I'm always looking for new things to highlight in each episode, so if you have readings of your poetry, short fiction, blogs or even if you have something new in the world of small press, I want to know about it. Comments about each episode are always welcomed. Contact details can be found at the Coffee House to Go sister site,

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Life Measured in Seconds...

There he sat looking -- expectantly? -- at each passer by. I know ... I saw him look up at me as I went by. He was injured I believe. I'm not sure as he appeared to be sitting there unaware that his life was now measured in minutes -- seconds? -- not days or years as one would presume.

As always, when faced with this situation, I wanted to stop, but I was on the way to the train station, my mornings timed such that any deviation -- unusually slow driver, construction vehicle or tractor -- would make me late thereby forcing me to catch a later train.

Would that have been a problem though? Not really. I could be late. No one would say anything.

I could have stopped.

So why didn't I?

As this fellow looked up at me in his final moments, why didn't I stop the car, get out and offer whatever assistance I could afford? I've done it before, though, perhaps, not as often as I should.

It's not a terribly busy road, but even though I knew he would likely never see his family again, I drove on continuing to debate in my head the desire ... logic ... compassion ... of stopping. Thoughts of what might happen flashed through my brain:

"What if it was just a minor 'scrape'? Would my stopping exacerbate the situation? Could I make it worse?"

"Their songs are beautiful."

"Would others, as I have, make an effort to avoid him?"

"If I did stop, he would freak out. He would. It's in his nature. In his efforts to get away from me -- his 'rescuer' -- he might actually ... die."

"I've seen so many more this year than any other recent year. I wonder why that is?"

"He will be squished. His final seconds of life not spent in blissful flight but in terror as the tire of a passing car bears down upon him."

"He'll gather his wits and take flight to the nearest tree before anything can happen to him."

"Assume I DID offer him assistance. Once I cradled his broken body in my hands ... what then? Do I call in sick to work to bring him ... where?"

"Some slack-jawed-cell-phone-yacking-idiot could hit me. *I* could die in my efforts to save him."

I hate feeling this way. Knowing that I could do something ... should do something ... and don't. Am I so callous I can close my eyes to a fellow creature in need?

Or am I just practical? My love for my own family – what about his? – my understanding of the "circle of life" and a desire to not be injured myself pushing aside my inner voice telling me to stop.

Certainly I acknowledge there are bigger problems in the world than whether I stopped to help an injured bird.

As I write this, new reports are coming out of London that there may have been a second terror attack -- or at least an attempt at a second terror attack on the transportation system in London.

Getting all this insanity to stop before my daughter grows up into a world none of us recognize has to start somewhere ... maybe it should have started with me this morning.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ah, So It IS True...

To commemorate the 36th anniversary of the first manned moon landing (July 20th, 1969), Google today released a different take of it's Google Maps site.

Go to Google Moon to see satellite imagery of the lunar surface along with markers showing the details and locations of each of the Apollo landings.

Unfortunately, Google was limited to the satellite data NASA could provide them, but if you zoom all the way in to the surface you'll see that a long suspected rumor about the moon is TRUE!


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Now in iTunes!

We made it! Coffee House to Go is finally listed in iTunes and, if my FeedBurner stats are correct, we've already picked up a few listeners through the service as well.

Wha, huh? You know ... my Podcast? Now do you remember? *sigh*

Anyway, that's exciting for me and it means I've got to hold true to my promise of producing one new episode a month. So far I'm on track to put out another one next weekend and it should be a good one so tune in ... m'kay?

Oh, and don't forget to send me your stuff! I'm looking for readings of short stories or poetry, interviews and reviews and stuff from your RIAA-shackles-free band. Drop on over to Coffee House to Go to read about there wheres, whys and hows.