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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear Santa...

As an adult, when friends and family ask what you'd like for Christmas, I'm sure you give them a list of items along the lines of a DVD, book or CD. Something not too extravagant or expensive, but something you'd like to have nonetheless.

As I helped my 7 year old daughter with her Christmas list, however, I began thinking about how my "wish list" would take shape now ... as a grown-up with different fantasies of what we'd like the big guy in red to place under our tree.

So I sat down to write it out and here is the result, in no particular order:

Canon Digital Rebel XTi - Yes, I know, I have the original Digital Rebel, but this one is faster, lighter and a higher pixel count. Never mind that I had my first FILM SLR for over 20 years and I've only had the DR for three... I want this new one. In black please.

Mac Pro - Time to shove my last Windows desktop computer out the door. Though my primary computer is a MacBook Pro, I need a system to handle the constant influx of digital photos, video and audio files filling up my hard drive. In addition, I'd slap a couple 500GB drives in the empty bays to use for backup storage of my media as well as the occasional Virtual Machine for Linux, Windows and other testing purposes. Serving as my media center, scanning and printing station, the Mac Pro would be the ultimate desktop machine. And I would no longer have to feel bad about firing up my beige Windows computer next to my sleek and sexy MacBook Pro.

iPod Video (80 GB) - I've already blogged about this. Though now I'm leaning more heavily towards waiting for the long rumored -- but as yet unannounced -- widescreen model.

Sizzlers - I played with Sizzlers endlessly as a kid and I loved them. This year Mattel re-released them IN THE SAME PACKAGING as they had back in the 70s. The Juice Machine ("gas pump") even looks the same -- I should know ... I have one in my basement. And checking them out in Target last week, I noticed the illustrations on the box had not even changed. This is an awesome marketing scheme to hook and reel in people like me. And let me tell you ... it works.

2007 Mustang GT in "Grabber Orange" - It's a hot, fast, head snapping car with strong ties back to the original Pony cars of the late 60s and early 70s. Need I say more?

1967 Mustang - as seen at the Volo Auto Museum last weekend - Well, if I can't have the '07....

That's it. Not a big list by any means. Just a little something I'm sure the Elves can whip up during a long weekend ... although now, with Christmas only a few short days away, it may be more difficult for them, seeing as they are busy loading up the sleigh for all the good boys and girls throughout the world.

But as I used to think many years ago while I wrote out my list of childhood Christmas dreams, it never hurts to ask.

Right Santa?

Time to Play Catch Up OR Where the Heck Have I Been?

Sorry for abandoning this blog for a few weeks months. In all honesty, you should expect it to happen again. I'm just that way. Though my Dad has always been big on chronicling the important events in life, I've just never been one to do so myself.

I love to take photos, though I'm not big on video. I podcast, but don't vlog. I'm earned my BA in English, but actually writing? ... not so much.

So when I started this blog, I certainly didn't have big expectations for logging in every day and writing about the ennui and dreck of day to day life. For me, it's a matter of something just clicking that light bulb on in my head and then willing myself to commit the words to screen.

In the mean time, however, I've been keeping busy nonetheless.

Since my last blog entry, I've published another issue of ESC! Magazine, produced 3 new episodes of "ESC! Magazine's Coffee House to Go", started yet another podcast on November 13th entitled, "For Mac Eyes Only" which is a new weekly show for Mac users everywhere ... And I've conducted one more interview for "Across the Mic" (which will debut soon) and lined up my next interview for January by which time at least one more "Coffee House to Go" and three more "For Mac Eyes Only" will have aired.


So I've been busy, and blogging just hasn't entered into my sub-consciousness and for that, I apologize.

But if you've been wanting for content from me, there certainly is no shortage of it, so when the next dry spell hits -- and it will -- please check out some of my other projects and let me know what you think!