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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our Little Boy Is Growing Up

One More Thing...

On December 8th, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Disney is planning to introduce a girl to the Hundred Acre Wood!

A girl!

I understand the business reasons behind this. Apparently Mr. Pooh is not happy with the total market dominance over his boss Mickey and has instructed his agent to stir up the (hunny) pot and increase his viewership.

One thing that is completely ignored, however, is the fact that the Hundred Acre Wood exists entirely in the (apparently very fertile) mind of young Master Christopher Robin. So, in order for there to be a girl in the Hundred Acre Wood, that means, yes, Christopher Robin has to ... fantasize about her.

Referring to this new show as an “alternative universe,” a Disney spokesman says: “Christopher Robin is still out there in the woods, playing.”

Playing indeed! Oy!

So when you set you children down in front of the set to watch this new series, just keep this in mind and pray that Disney doesn't introduce a new series called “Christopher Robin: The Teen Years.”

postscript: Calm down people, I'm just having a little fun at Pooh's expense.

Joking aside, if they're going to introduce a new girl character to the World of Pooh, it makes sense to acknowledge that she springs from Christopher Robin's imagination and have him interact with her instead of banishing Christopher to the woods "somewhere."

Or, better yet, have her be just as real as Christopher, but with the same ability to imagine and play in his world with his friends Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit and the rest of the gang ... and maybe introduce a few of her friends as well.

Instead of separating them into "Mars" and "Venus" camps, wouldn't it be better to promote how boys and girls can have healthy relationships, working and playing together in day to day life without the underlying sexual tension that's so prevalent in (children's) television these days?

That would be nice and sweet ... like Hunny.


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